• Abstinence
  • HIV/AIDs education
  • Teen connections – learning to get along with others
  • Peer pressure
  • Internet safety
  • Etiquette
  • Transitioning out of foster care to adulthood
  • Female wellness

Transitional Supportive Housing Services

  • Homeless teens
  • Pregnant teens
  • Supportive food program


  • How to get involved in the community
  •  Volunteer Opportunities
  • Fundraising
  • College Prep
  • Fun Events

Seminars and Workshops

We offer state of the art training and informational courses. All of our instructors and speakers are here to guide you on making a difference in the community and in a child's life.

Get Involved Today

Volunteers are a crucial part of our operations and whether it’s assisting at a fundraising event,working a toy drive, help feeding the community or simply sharing the mission to help more children find their new home, we have something for everyone.